Best Dental X-Ray Machine in Canada

Main components of the dental x-ray machine

Dental X-Ray Machine

The Main Components of a Dental Xray Machines are:

  • Tube Head: The Tube Head consists of an anode-cathode filament system It functions as a specific energy converter, receiving electrical energy and converting it into x-radiation and heat.
  • This very specific energy conversion takes place in the x-ray tube. The X-Ray tube consists of
    • A control PCB: It controls the energy conversion.
    • Tube housing: It is fitted with a Position Indicating Device (PID)which X-ray passes through cooling oil: to control and protect from the heat while generating the X-Ray tube cover
  • Scissor Arm: The tube head is mounted on the scissor arm and easily can fix the tube head positioning to the patient
  • Extension Arm: It determines the Max tube head reaches the patient
  • Control Console: The Control Console is the user interface with a display Module. The user can adjust the parameters and select different programs through the console unit

Power generating (High Voltage generator) PCB: the Power PCB generates the high voltage and it delivers to the tube head through a set of Cables (communication interface cables)