More-Focused Light Output

Curing Light

More-Focused Light Output

Curing Light

dental curing-light 360° CURING Reach every angle
About i-Curing Light

CONSTANT POWER OUTPUT Born for teeth restoration. 360° CURING Reach every angle. FLUID DESIGN 1 SEC. FOR CURING Better hand feeling 2mm resin

Upgraded Focused Light Output

Upgraded focused light output Unique Woodpecker technology of focused light output reduces 55.87% light angle, allowing more concentrated energy and higher curing efficiency.

Upgraded Light Intensity

Two modes for option; with the maximum light intensity of 2300mw/cm2, curing 2 mm resin in 1 s, which makesit especially suitable for orthodontic brackets, porcelain veneers and post-core adhesives.

curing-light dental

Upgraded Wide Spectrum

The emission wavelength range of iLed Max Wide Spectrum Curing Light is 385nm-515nm, mainly adding the wave band of 385nm-420nm The additional band can better curing the resin materials containing new—style photoinitiators such as TPO.

For example, restoration materials such as Tetric N— Ceram Bulk Fill(Ivoclar), Amelogen Plus (Ultradent), and ENA Hn(Micerium). The additional wave band can also reduce the risk of resin shedding and incomplete curing.

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