About U600

Design to ensure comfort for dentists, surgical teams and patients. The combination of efficiency and convenience provides a stress-free working day for dentists. Ease of Adjusting the Dental Chair position with  5 pre-programs from Dentist element and assistant elements.

Smart Touch System

  • Clear control panel display
  • Ultrasensitive touch control
  • Waterproof design
Ultrasonic Scaler U600 Canada

Intelligent Degenerative Feedback More Effective Scaling

  • In accordance with different tooth surface intelligent degenerated feedback will automatically output accurate power to the tip.

  • Stable and sustained scaling in the calcification removing process brings you professional operating experience

Ultrasonic Scaler U600 Canada

Perfect Combination of Comfort and Efficiency

Ease of power regulation and Mode selection.


Ultrasonic Scaler U600 Latest Canada



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